Architecture Research Institute promotes cross-disciplinary research in design and urban planning that informs public policies and strategies that create livable, compact, global cities that are eco-sustainable, walkable and less automobile dependent.

The Architecture Research Institute, Inc. implements its work by creating strategic and interdisciplinary partnerships between academia practitioners, governments, corporations and the public

We accomplish our goals through three primary methods:

Collaboration with the Host Community: Based on an intimate understanding of the needs of the host community, city, or country, the Institute works within the existing cultural and economic framework to produce a greater good and benefit for future inhabitants.

The Institute conducts a rigorous examination of the issues at hand. The fieldwork of the affiliate scholars is supported by a team of professionals, staff and volunteers, who are interested in learning about and helping the cause of the work.

Empowerment through knowledge: The Institute's studies empower policy makers, governments, and businesses to implement planning and design decisions that affect the environment and quality of urban life.

Seven Key Issues
The Institute has identified the most urgent "issues of urbanism" for the new millennium. Cities face critical challenges brought about by seven key issues:

-Gender Transformation of the Workforce
-Quality of Life issues
-Urban Ecology

Many of the familiar relationships that have characterized the city in the past, no longer exist. The intersection of digital technology, telecommunications, globalization, the new multiculturalism, gender transformation of the work force, have redefined how today's society works and lives.

The Institute develops initiatives that addresses the ways cities can capitalize on these events in order to develop public policies and strategies that can create a viable, livable large city. The Institute uses its research for nonprofit and educational purposes.

The Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization,
Incorporated in the State of New York.