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The Architecture Research Institute is organized in three components:

Advanced Studies provides an enabling environment for the best minds and talents globally to work together to foster critical inquiry and to pose initiatives leading to urban design innovation. The central challenge is to synthesize the intellectual and theoretical aspects of solving urban issues with practical implementation strategies.

Public Education shares the knowledge gained from the Institute initiatives and activities by organizing international, cross cultural, symposia, seminars and exhibits . This is a concerted effort to reach the public and policy makers alike in order to bring about greater awareness of innovative design possibilities of applications coming out of the work of the advanced studies program

Architect.org is an internet-based research resource center, containing over a 1000 book cross-disciplinary bibliography over 400 links to global organizations involved in the built environment, archives research about livable cities and maintains an up-to-date guide to global architectural competitions. www.architect.org is the Institute's primary method of information distribution.

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Architecture Research Institute, Inc.
The Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization,
Incorporated in the State of New York.