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American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research "The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research is dedicated to preserving and strengthening the foundations of freedomÑ government, private enterprise, vital cultural and political institutions, and a strong foreign policy and national defenseÑ scholarly research, open debate, and publications

The Brookings Institution
"The Brookings Institution functions as an independent analyst and critic, committed topublishing its findings for the information of the public. In its conferences and activities, it serves as a bridge between scholarship and public policy, bringing new knowledge to the attention of decision makers and affording scholars a better insight into public policy issues."

The Cato Institute
The Cato Institute is a nonpartisan public policy research foundation headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Institute is named for Cato's Letters, libertarian pamphlets that helped lay the philosophical foundation for the American Revolution.

The Center for Infrastructure and Transportation Studies
The Center for Infrastructure and Transportation Studies (CITS) was established in 1993 to create a collaborative environment for multidisciplinary research focused on the systems that make societal activity possible within the built environment

The Center for Strategic and International Studies
The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a public policy research institution dedicated to analysis and policy impact

Hudson Institute
Hudson Institute is an internationally recognized public policy research organization that forecasts trends and develops solutions for governments, businesses and the public. Founded in 1961 by the late Herman Kahn, the Indianapolis-based not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization has more than 70 researchers and employees at its eight offices worldwide.

Lincoln Institute of Land Policies
Lincoln Institute of Land Policies; is a nonprofit and tax-exempt educational institution established in 1974. Its mission as a school is to study and teach land policy, including land economics and land taxation.

The Manhattan Institute
The Manhattan Institute is a think tank whose mission is to develop and disseminate new ideas that foster greater economic choice and individual responsibility

The National Center for Policy Analysis
The National Center for Policy Analysis; aka Idea House; a non-profit public policy research institute

The Urban Institute
The Urban Institute is a nonprofit policy research organization established in Washington, D.C., in 1968. The Institute's goals are to sharpen thinking about society's problems and efforts to solve them, improve government decisions and their implementation, and increase citizens' awareness about important public choices.

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